Elisabeth van Breda

Elisabeth van Breda was in charge of her own windowdressing and decoration company based in The Netherlands until she relocated to Curaçao in may of 1995, where she began to create colourful tableware on request.

Elisabeth moved to the United Kingdom in 1998, where she studied "Sculptures from clay" at The National College of Art at Alesbury. On her return to The Netherlands in 2000, she started a small art studio and sculpture garden and gave ceramic workshops.

Since 2003 she now lives on Aruba, where she now runs Studio Bringamosa, het own studio and art gallery. The studio is surrounded by a large sculpture garden. She now creates various art objects and ceramic sculptures, using a range of different techniques like Raku, an old Japanese firing technique where creations are heated in a special oven outdoors.

Art made by Elisabeth van Breda can be found in various countries like Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, the United States and The Netherlands.