Boundless Art offers/has a wide variety of ceremics, from sculptures of clay patinated in bronze and glazed, to decorated ceramic tiles, egg shapes, hearts, stars and more.

Art-beads are decorated ceramic beads in all shapes and sizes, from mini-beads to mega-beads. We create/make necklace beads for all kinds of occasions like friendship, a wedding or mourning. Our mega-beads can be used as home or garden decoration.

We also make rings out of silverclay. It starts as a moldable product which we mould into shape. After being baked in our ceramic ovens, the result will be a unique ring or other piece of jewellery, made out of 99% sterling silver.

Boundless Art also works with an old Japanese firing technique called Raku and is experimenting with the moulding and baking of Aruban raw clay.

Some of the different kinds of products:

  • Clay statues, portraits and sculptures made with different techniques
  • Colorful ceramics, such as tiles and plates
  • Necklace beads, from mini-beads to mega-beads
  • Paintings and murals; both own and commisioned work
  • Silver jewelry and creations of raw Aruban clay
  • Special assignments such as a small ceramic version of the Dutch wooden shoe for Queen Beatrix and a tulip vase for marine base Saveneta